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The WSU Bookstore will be closed November 25 and November 26.

See the announcement below regarding updated Bookstore hours!

About Rentals

WSU Bookstore Student Textbook Rental Agreement

When you rent a book in our Kryzsko Commons store or on our website you agree to the following terms. What does this all mean?

It’s very simple.

You paid less at checkout in exchange for bringing the book back in good condition (yes, you can write in it or highlight selectively) during this semester’s Finals Week at the latest. Keep all of your rental and rental return receipts together- they contain ALL the info you need to know: What you rented, when it’s due back and what you will be penalized for non-return of the book.

We’ll also send out several emails from wsubookstore@winona.edu trying to remind you- don’t ignore them!

Here are the full details:

1: I am renting and am in receipt of the rental book(s) shown on my receipt. I have paid the rental fee, and understand that the refund return policy of the store also apply to rental items. I acknowledge that the book, whether new or used, is in good condition.

2: I acknowledge the non-return replacement cost and processing fee for each rental item that appears on the receipt.

3: I will return the book to the WSU Bookstore no later than the rental return due date on the receipt. If I ship the book, it must be received at the WSU Bookstore no later than the return date, shipping prepaid. Any material received not in compliance to the due date and conditions listed in the agreement will be charged to my student account.

4: I will return the book in good salable condition as determined by the WSU Bookstore. I will use the material to the fullest extent for my academic needs but will be responsible for excessive highlighting, writing, the risk of loss from any cause, including theft, return in unsalable condition, such as damage caused by liquids, fire, spine damage, and missing components. All CDs and other component parts included with this book, must be present and in salable condition as determined by the WSU Bookstore upon return.

5: If I am late or fail to return material in good condition, my original rental receipt documentation serves as authorization for the WSU Bookstore to charge my student account for the replacement and processing fees as shown on that receipt.